Place Cards/Gift Tags


Make your guests feel special AND let them know where to sit with hand made calligraphy place cards.  These can be done on a variety of surfaces from standard or handmade paper cards to acrylic pieces, agate stones, tiles and any other surface that can be written on.  There are endless options to create unique seating assignments for your guests and give them a pretty keepsake as a memento of your special occasion.   


Place cards:  For standard paper cards:  $2.00 per for name only, $2.25 per for name and table number.  Prices for other surfaces vary according to the cost of the product.  

Gift tags: $1.00 -$2.00 depending on paper and ink chosen.  

Blue Agate place cards.jpg
Fall place card.JPG
Taylor and Rachels's wedding place cards
Blue tile place cards 1.jpg
Katelyn's place cards.jpg
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Rehearsal dinner place cards and table n
Lantern place card.jpg
This couple humors me by putting up with
Karoline's gift tags.JPG
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Iris's bridesmaids tags.jpg
Sarah&Meredith place cards.jpg